Making a purchase offer on a property

Remember these tips, when you plan to make a purchase offer on a property on sale: 

Pre-completed purchase offer

You can ask the agent who is in charge of the sale of the property to send you a pre-completed purchase offer by email and then complete the form at your convenience. If you wish, you can also ask the agent at the viewing to give you an uncompleted or pre-completed purchase offer form.

Suitable validity period

We recommend that the validity period of the offer is short, no more than two days. The seller can ask for additional time if necessary.

Complete the form carefully

Make sure that all the necessary information is included in the offer before you sign it. Pay special attention to price, date, personal and address information.

Don’t be afraid of making an offer!

You have the right to make an offer that suits you. Even if the seller does not accept the offer as such, he/she may make a counter offer.

Sought-after properties

As some of the properties on sale are sold after the first viewing, prompt action is often important. You can also offer a higher price than the sales price in the advertisement if you want to ensure that your offer stands out from the crowd.

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