Feedback from our customers

When a property has been brokered, we always ask our clients for feedback on our work. We are delighted that in addition to our affordable brokerage fees, our clients are satisfied with all aspects of our service. 95% of all feedback we've received has been unreservedly positive.

"Everything went smoothly and just like I wanted."

Marja-Liisa Ruohtula, Porvoo

"I’m extremely satisfied with your service. It was competent and friendly. Everything went ahead steadily and quickly. Thank you for the service."

Leena Roininen-Himberg, Helsinki

"Overall we’ve been satisfied."

Pirkko ja Reino Mustonen, Helsinki

"Everything went smoothly, thanks."

Matti Valve, Kauniainen

"I am extremely satisfied with your agent. A friendly and flexible guy. Thanks also for your easily understood documents."

Tatu Tarvainen, Helsinki

"Everything went quickly, flexibly and smoothly. Good service!"

Timo Savolainen, Helsinki

"Thanks for everything, my experience was very positive."

Edvin Kissel, Vantaa

"Myyntiturva acted in a professional and exemplary way in the sale of our property. Your brokerage fee was appropriate."

Irma ja Leo Puustinen, Kotka

"The property was sold very quickly and professionally, thanks to your agent! I've recommended your company to friends with plans to sell properties."

Pekka Kajava, Helsinki

"Co-operation was smooth and the sale was quick. We even got a bit more for our property than we expected. We are satisfied."

Pekka Kivimäki, Helsinki

"You rarely come across such a responsible and cooperative agent as I had. They took care of everything in a smooth and friendly way. I would recommend your company to my friends without a doubt."

Riitta Rousku, Tampere

"I am very satisfied with your service. The sale went smoothly."

Markku Riipinen, Helsinki

"Everything in the process went well!"

Tiina Hovila, Helsinki

"Everything went smoothly and your agent was a true professional."

Kalle Punto, Helsinki

"Very good and simple service, not too pushy or intrusive. A full 10 points!"

Kai Widell, Inkoo

"I've been extremely satisfied with the whole sales process. The agent was at my service when needed, and I found the sales situation pleasant."

Sini Korpinen, Helsinki

"Great result considering the current market situation and the fact that my building was due a HVAC renovation."

Peter Lindberg, Helsinki

"Your service has been first rate, thanks for that."

Mika Hirvonen, Vantaa

"I was and still am extremely satisfied with Myyntiturva's services, expertise and speed in selling my apartment. I've recommended your company to my friends, and would turn to you again in the future if I need to sell a property."

Anna Maria Könnömäki, Helsinki

"Everything is in order, thanks for your co-operation."

Pekka Nurkka, Sipoo

"We've been very satisfied."

Janne Lehesvirta, Helsinki

"Thanks for all your help, I can warmly recommend your services to others."

Riitta Lemberg, Kirkkonummi

"The sale was handled professionally and I didn't encounter any problems. I'd recommend your services to others."

Pirkko Mustonen, Helsinki

"The sale of my studio on Sturenkatu went quickly and smoothly."

Pirkko Kosunen, Helsinki

"This was the third property I've sold with your help, and probably not the last, so co-operation has been good."

Olli Puttonen, Helsinki

"My apartment was sold in record time and with a professional approach! I have no complaints, everything went well :)."

Johanna Kuuramaa, Helsinki

"The sale went smoothly, ten out of ten points. The new and clear brokerage fee policy is more than welcome!"

Petri Patjas, Espoo

"Your agent was an excellent real estate professional, who sold my apartment in the first viewing! And at the asking price."

Nils Salomaa, Porvoo

"Thank you for your first rate work. We're happy that the sale went well and the process was quick."

Matti Lager, Helsinki

"Everything went well. If I ever need to sell a property again I'll be in touch :)."

Toni Rehnman, Vantaa

You can contact us by completing the below contact request form or calling +358 10 2327 400.

We operate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku, Tampere, Lahti and Oulu.

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