Don’t pay too much in commission

Myyntiturva’s commissions are fixed and tied to the number of rooms in the flat to be sold.

Our commissions are reasonable in relation to the amount of work required to find a buyer for a flat of the same size in big cities in Finland.

Myyntiturva is a safe and efficient choice, and the feedback from our customers is excellent.

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Even if our commissions are moderate, we market the flats exceptionally widely and actively. The video showings that we also use in advertising are included in the commission with no extra charge.

When Myyntiturva’s service had just arrived on the market, YLE’s consumer affairs programme Kuningaskuluttaja » compared the prices of flat sales completed by various real estate companies. The result was that Myyntiturva’s customers had received the best price per square metre for their flats. 

Apart from the fixed commission, the only other cost is the fee payable for the house manager's certificate.

For more information on our service, call us on +358 (0)10 2327 400 or fill in the contact request form below.

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