Seven steps to selling your flat

Evaluation visit

To get started, call Myyntiturva's Customer Service or complete the contact request form that you can find on Myyntiturva's web site.

In the next few days, you will meet our agent at the flat. The agent tells you about the sales prospects of the flat and estimates its market value. The agent answers your questions and gives you further information on Myyntiturva’s highly competitive and comprehensive property sales service. Whatever the end result of the visit is, it does not cost you anything.

Commission agreement

The agent prepares a commission agreement on the sale of the flat. You and the agent sign the agreement and shake hands on it. The agent starts work immediately. The agent records the information concerning the flat, evaluates the equipment and fittings to be included in the sale and takes photos for marketing purposes.

The agent also acquires information on the housing company, establishes future renovations and orders all necessary documents for you.


The agent selects the photos and prepares an advertisement for the sale of the flat. Apart from Myyntiturva’s web pages, the flat is also marketed on both the Oikotie and Etuovi web sites. The virtual tours that we also use in advertising are included in the commission with no extra charge. Myyntiturva also markets flats with advertisements in the Helsingin Sanomat Koti (Home) Supplement.


The agent shows the flat to potential buyers. The agent arranges public viewings and also private viewings if required.

Inquiries and requests for documentation

The agent answers inquiries concerning the flat and ensures that possible buyers are provided with necessary documents.

Offer negotiations

The agent advises and helps possible buyers in the preparation of offers and you in the price negotiations and in responding to the offers.

Closing the deal

Myyntiturva prepares the Deed of Sale and takes care of the other necessary procedures. Myyntiturva assists both you and the buyer in matters related to the property deal and ensures that the whole transaction takes place in accordance with legal rules and regulations.

Take the first step!

Complete the below contact request or
Call +358 10 2327 400 (Mon-Sun 8-20).

We operate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in the Turku, Tampere, Lahti and Oulu Regions.

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