Myyntiturva’s flat sales service can help you even during the coronavirus outbreak

Myyntiturva sells flats for a fixed, reasonable commission, and markets them in an extremely versatile way.

During the coronavirus epidemic, we will be effectively using new technology to its full potential and holding private showings.

In addition to regular site advertisements, we place photographic advertisements in newspapers and hold virtual tours, which are also included in our fixed commission. Once a buyer has been found, the sale can either be carried out as normal at a bank branch or, alternatively, fully digitally and safely using the remote Dias service, which is included in our fixed fee.

According to YLE’s consumer affairs programme ”Kuningaskuluttaja”, Myyntiturva got the best prices for flats.

Call us on +358 (0)10 2327 400 or fill out a contact request HERE!


Why use Myyntiturva?

  • You don’t want to pay too much to the agent. Myyntiturva sells your flat at a reasonable fixed commission rate. Fixed commissions based on the number of rooms »
  • You want that your property is marketed as widely as possible. Unlike most of our competitors, we market all the flats that we sell free of charge on the Oikotie and Etuovi web sites. The virtual tours that we also use in advertising are included in the commission with no extra charge. We also market flats with advertisements in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.
  • You want an agent that handles the sale of your flat efficiently from start to finish. Myyntiturva’s service covers all the phases of the flat sales process.
  • You want an efficient and active agent. The current market situation in the real estate business is demanding, and if the agent is not active, dynamic and efficient, even a good flat may remain unsold. Apart from sales skills, agents are now required to do more footwork than a few years ago.
  • You want an estate agent that you can trust. Myyntiturva is the sales organisation of Vuokraturva, the market leader in its business.  According a survey conducted in 2014 by Taloustutkimus, Vuokraturva is the best known and the highest rated rental property agency in Finland. We have been in business since 1998 and we employ about one hundred experienced estate agency professionals.
  • You want expert, professional service. We pay special attention to the photographs taken of the flats, texts in the advertisements and personal customer service at showings. It is also vitally important the legal matters are in order.
  • You want to be happy with the end result. When the deal is closed, we survey the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer. Myyntiturva’s customer satisfaction rate is extremely high. Satisfied customers are the secret of our success. Feedback from our customers »

For more information on our service, call us on +358 (0)10 2327 400 or fill in the contact request form below.

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